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Partnerveranstaltung: Hyvolution 2021

Hyvolution : the hydrogen event for energy, industry and mobility, a unique event in France !

The event will take place on October, 27th and 28th, 2021 in Paris Event Center, at the Porte de la Vilette (Paris, France) !

Be present at Europe’s outstanding gathering of people from the hydrogen field !

Hyvolution brings together all the players in the hydrogen market. Manufacturers, service providers, institutions and local authorities will present their solutions to project leaders. All the companies and industrialists offering products, services and applications: production, storage, distribution, valorisation .... All the solutions for all the decarbonated hydrogen markets. In 2020, 120 exhibitors and brands have gathered for this event.

2 days of conference thanks to our Hyvolution TV : national and european market information through experience debriefs and round tables.

1 real business atmosphere : contacts and relations facilitated by our application : Hyvolution Connect.

All decarbonized hydrogen solutions will be on Hyvolution !



Mobility :

  • Car, bike
  • Lorry, Bus, Train
  • Sea & River
  • Special transport 

Energy :

  • Power-to-gas
  • Renewables energies 
  • Storage
  • Off grid sites

Industry :

  • Chemicals
  • Metals
  • Glass
  • Other industries…


Unique in France – be first in line to seize opportunities for now and the future !

Reach out
Schedule your business meetings directly from the application : Hyvolution Connect.

Stay informed
Hyvolution TV stage for finding out what’s going on the sector.

Test and try
Participate in workshops led by our exhibitors.


Two high-intensity days of business, conferences, and exchanges you can’t afford to miss !